Gannon to shift to alternative delivery, campuses stay open

Posted: March 13, 2020

I am writing today to detail the latest decisions for the Gannon community in response to the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We continue in confidence that our campus environment is currently healthy and safe. In light of the many new realities in communities surrounding our campuses, Gannon University’s Erie and Ruskin campuses will transition to alternative instructional delivery methods yet remain open to offer support.

This is not a decision we came to lightly, given the wide-ranging implications it will have on our students’ living arrangements and learning experience. This is an unusual time for our university and our global community that will require our flexibility, patience and full engagement.

This is a situation that is changing rapidly, as is our assessment. The best decisions are being made based upon the broad spectrum of information available at the moment.

We are staying in close communication with the Erie County and Hillsborough County departments of health, among other key sources. At the moment, no cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, have been reported in Erie County and – contrary to rumors – no Gannon student, faculty or staff member in Erie or Ruskin has or is suspected of having the virus. We continue to believe that, with no cases in Erie or on Gannon’s Erie campus, our campus remains safe.

In recent days we have heard a noteworthy level of concern from parents and students on all sides of this issue, and we have seen partners like the NCAA and our clinical sites take significant steps to alter their – and our – operations in light of COVID-19. In response, we are taking the following steps:


While we plan to move all classes to an alternative teaching method, we recognize that some areas of study do not lend themselves well to these forms of learning or they require specialized settings, alternative technologies, labs or equipment. We will be working with faculty and students to provide timely access to these specialized experiences, especially for seniors and graduate students who are working to complete final requirements for their degrees.

Many courses will require the use of personal technology for full engagement in the alternative delivery modes. If you do not have access to a laptop or tablet with a camera and high-speed internet access, please reach out to ITS. For technology needs, you can consult to see what devices or other resources are available to you.  The Gannon ITS help desk can be reached by e-mail at

Residence halls


We expect that students will return to their permanent residences after the closure of Gannon residences. Students may request a room and dining plan credit (as applicable) for time not spent in university-owned residences or using the dining plan. The credit may be used toward a future semester’s charges. Seniors and master’s/doctoral students currently living in university-owned residences who are graduating in May 2020 are eligible for a pro-rated refund (as applicable) for time not spent in University-owned residences or using their full dining plan.

We expect some students will have personal circumstances that will require them to remain in campus residences. Some will feel more secure remaining in place on campus, some have no alternatives, some will not feel that they should return to places currently with greater risk. We will accommodations for those who prefer to remain on campus and students should not feel compelled to leave if they feel they need to stay. For those who do remain on campus, the university will be open and most resources to continue your academic progress will be available. If you intend to stay beyond March 22, we ask that you declare that intention by March 20 to Residence Life. A form will be available on the COVID-19 emergency information page by the end of the day.





University operations




University travel




Stay in touch

We want to reassure our students, staff and faculty that we are intensely focused on your well-being. If anyone at any time has a concern, please reach out and speak up. Talk to your faculty member or supervisor. You can also submit concerns or questions to

We have established a web page to share information to our Gannon community. You can see everything at We will be posting all future communications to this page.

In closing

We recognize that the rapidly changing situation has created uncertainty and concern.  We are all focusing on care for our students, faculty and staff, as well as providing for the academic progress of our students. 

I am grateful for the flexibility and commitment of our faculty and staff who are already preparing for the transition to alternative delivery and who will be here to support the needs of our entire community. 

Even though we have begun to exercising “social distancing,” we can continue to be present to one another in ways that technology makes possible. 

As a community of faith, we are committed to accompany one another with encouragement in times of challenge and with gratitude in times of joy. 

In peace,
Keith Taylor