You'll need a mask indoors, but most everything else has changed

Posted: May 21, 2021

Gannon University is adjusting its COVID-19 protocols and planning for face-to-face instruction at both of its campuses in summer and fall.

Like you, the university has been digesting the flurry of guidance issued in the past two weeks by state and federal agencies. What follows are our adjusted guidelines and next steps. Keep in mind that these protocols can and most likely will change between now and Aug. 25, when a more traditional-looking fall semester begins. Keep and eye and ear out for additional messages coming in the weeks ahead.

We expect to be fully open come fall, and we hope to even be maskless – dependent on how widely vaccinated our Gannon population is by the beginning of school. As of May 10, 60 percent of our staff had reported being vaccinated; 47 percent of our faculty; and 23 percent of our students. We will be working to achieve a goal of all of these numbers being 70 percent or better for fall. You can help the cause of a maskless new year by confirming your vaccination status by uploading an image of your vaccination record at

Here is Gannon’s general COVID-19 mitigation framework, effective immediately:

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