No more masks, and other important changes

Posted: June 24, 2021

Mask mandate lifted at Gannon University

Masks are no longer required to be worn on Gannon University property on our Erie and Ruskin campuses effective immediately. This is yet another step toward a more normal experience on campus, and it follows the lifting of social distancing and on-campus gathering restrictions in late May.

We strongly recommend that our students and employees be vaccinated as these restrictions are lifted. We also recommend that those who are not vaccinated or are experiencing symptoms of any illness continue to wear a mask and maintain their distance, but we will not require it and we will not design our facilities and seating toward this.

Report your vaccination status

We are encouraged by the large number of Gannon community members who are reporting their vaccinations. To aid us in our planning as well as your experience when you arrive back on campus, we are asking employees and students to please share their fully vaccinated status as soon as possible.

Please go to to complete this reporting process so that your vaccination status can be recorded as “fully vaccinated.” You do not need to complete this if you are unvaccinated.

The system will automatically generate an “unvaccinated” status for those who do not complete this process, and those individuals will be required to follow guidelines for unvaccinated individuals as part of our COVID-19 mitigation protocol. More information on this can be viewed below and in our previous communication here.

Surveillance testing continues and expands

Our surveillance testing program will continue into the fall semester. It will be expanding to account for employees and students who do not submit proof of vaccination through our reporting form above and will therefore be required to complete regular testing through the semester. This testing will occur for each individual at least once every two weeks. More details about this will be released soon.
Also, unvaccinated individuals who are determined to be “close contacts” will have to quarantine for 10 to 14 days depending on symptoms. Per CDC, vaccinated individuals with no symptoms of COVID do not have to quarantine. Vaccinated individuals with symptoms will still need to quarantine.

We are re-designing what move-in will look like for our Erie campus

Unlike a year ago, visitors/family will be allowed in residence halls for move-in.

We will use a scheduling process similar to last semester for students to have a designated move-in time. Details on move-in dates, as well as how and when to register will be forthcoming. Please note that some of these steps and details will vary for students who are unvaccinated, student-athletes as well as global students.

If you want to be considered “fully vaccinated” prior to move-in, watch your calendar. Fully vaccinated is two weeks after your final dose of your vaccine regardless of the particular type of vaccine received. Given that the protocols for some vaccine brands require several weeks between doses you may need to start the vaccine process before July 5. You must submit your “fully vaccinated” status 24-48 hours prior to arrival on campus, or present the verification upon arrival, to be able to follow guidelines for unvaccinated individuals for move-in. Vaccinations will be made available throughout the semester should you wish to be removed from the surveillance testing protocol or other possible restrictions that may arise.

We’re making changes to LiveSafe

We will be eliminating the travel screening question on LiveSafe. This is a reflection of changes in guidance from CDC and from the states of Pennsylvania and Florida to reflect a pivot toward two sets of rules – one for vaccinated individuals and one for unvaccinated. You can see our updated travel policy here.

We will also be revising its use on our campuses. A green check will no longer be required to enter classes in Erie. However, we will continue to recommend the daily use of the health screening to monitor your physical and mental health, and as a resource to connect you or your peers with our Health and Counseling Center for any concerns. This tool has many valuable functions we will work to use more fully as the year progresses.

We will continue to keep up-to-date guidance related to COVID mitigation at

We are restructuring our COVID-19 web pages to reflect our latest protocols. Our dashboard will continue to be posted there. Feel free to send questions through the site. You can type a question here.