Employee Acknowledgment and Testing Consent

Posted: July 28, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

As valued members of our Gannon community, we are excited and grateful to welcome you back for the 2021-22 Academic Year and back in person after more than a year of remote work.

To hold ourselves and others accountable for following Gannon’s health and safety standards, all employees will be required to complete the Employee Acknowledgment of Mutual Respect and Responsibility Regarding COVID-19 and COVID-19 Testing Consent forms. 

Mark your calendars:

Beginning at 5 a.m. on Wednesday Aug. 4, you will be asked to accept the Acknowledgment and Testing Consent forms as part of Gannon University’s Terms of Use.

Completing the Testing Consent as part of Gannon’s Terms of Use is new this year for all employees and students. This has been added as we expand our surveillance testing to include unvaccinated individuals, as well as testing for unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals who may experience symptoms of COVID-19 should they choose to utilize Gannon’s testing services. Your experience if you are tested will be made more seamless by completing this consent upfront, as we will no longer require you to complete the consent at the time of testing. This one-time acceptance of the Testing Consent will cover any tests that may be needed throughout the entirety of the academic year.

The Acknowledgment form is similar to what was introduced last spring, with adjusted verbiage to reflect the current state of the pandemic and Gannon’s mitigation efforts in response to it.

A few key changes to note in this include:

We are proud of our employees and want to make sure we sustain our commitment to keeping each other safe. This is a required acknowledgment and consent, and part of our mitigation plan and efforts, which will be enforced. You will also not be able to access Gannon applications until you accept both the acknowledgment and consent. This includes applications such as email, Office, Blackboard, my.gannon.edu and more.

This measure – in conjunction with the COVID-19 protocols and safety guidelines in place at the University – will ensure we are all doing our part to keep our Gannon community safe and healthy as we return to campus.

Please follow the steps below to review and complete the COVID-19 Acknowledgment and Testing Consent on Aug. 4:

  2. Submit questions or concerns regarding the policy to hrdept@gannon.edu before Aug. 4. 
  3. Log out of all applications on your devices prior to 5 a.m. on Aug. 4 to avoid technical issues. A courtesy calendar reminder for this will be shared.
  4. Upon logging in on Aug. 4, you will be prompted to accept the acknowledgment and testing consent.
  5. When you select “Accept,” you will receive a pop-up to expand and review the acknowledgment. 
  6. Select “OK” to expand and read the acknowledgment, then select “Accept.” 
  7. If you select “Decline” at any point, you will have restricted access to Gannon applications until you accept the policy. You will be prompted again until you select “Accept.” To discuss why you have selected “Decline,” please contact hrdept@gannon.edu.

Helpful tips for a seamless experience:

Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns about the policy, please contact hrdept@gannon.edu.

For technical issues, please contact helpdesk@gannon.edu.

For additional questions or comments, you may submit them on update.gannon.edu at https://www.gannon.edu/Questions-or-Comments/.