Ruskin Campus: Medical & Healthcare Community Support COVID-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

Posted: August 3, 2021

Dear GU Ruskin Health Professions Students,

As you are preparing to start the fall semester as a new or continuing student in one of our recognized health professional programs on the Ruskin campus, we are urging you to please act now to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

If you have questions or need more information to make an informed decision and understand the risks and potential consequences of remaining unvaccinated at this time in your education and progression toward a career in the health professions, please do not hesitate to seek out reliable sources of information.

We encourage you to talk with your Program Director, contact the Associate Dean for the Ruskin Campus, Dr. Richard Johnson, contact myself, Dean of the Gannon’s Morosky College of Health Profession’s and Sciences (MCHPS), contact the healthcare providers at the Health Center at Gannon, and/or talk with your primary care provider, etc.

I am sharing information below from the medical and healthcare professional communities urging professional action and leadership from healthcare providers -- and those individuals who will come in contact with clients and patients -- to fully vaccinate.

Please recognize that as students who will participate in clinical rotations/fieldwork experiences and seek future employment in healthcare, some clinical facilities have already mandated students and employees be fully vaccinated to work at the site. We anticipate the number of sites requiring the COVID-19 vaccine to grow.

You will receive an acknowledgement form today to inform you of potential consequences related to your progression through a clinical-based program due to vaccine requirements from our clinical partners. Please look for this message and respond ASAP using the instructions provided within the message.

AMA in support of COVID-19 vaccine mandates for healthcare workers:

AOTA, APTA, and ASHA Joint Statement and Call for Professional Action on COVID-19 Vaccination and Education:

AAPA COVID-19 Resource Center:

Find a location to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida:

My best,
Dr. Ewing