Hurricane Update: Ruskin Classes canceled Monday, Tuesday

Posted: October 1, 2022

It is with caring hearts we share our continued prayers and provide our support to our Gannon Family members recovering from the hurricane in their communities.

We are continuing to assess the state of our Gannon students, faculty and staff in Florida and the Ruskin Campus. Everyone is impacted in some way, and we are beginning to gather a more clear understanding of how devastating this was across Florida

Though the Ruskin Campus may be ready to open in a day or two, it is clear our community may need more time. 

We will keep campus closed Monday and Tuesday to give those in the affected areas more time to assess and attend to their homes and personal situations, to support those around them, and to give the administration and local officials more time to develop strategies for managing not just the week ahead but longer term.

There will be no in-person classes Monday and Tuesday – remote options may continue over these days as faculty and students are able to participate. We will continue to be flexible and accommodate everyone while limiting interruptions to students’ academic progress as best we can.

We will look to resume all classes and normal on-campus operations on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

For now, focus on your well-being. The faculty will reach out and coordinate continued learning in the next day or two as best as possible. We will be flexible with everyone, and make it through together.

If you need assistance or hear that someone needs assistance, please get that information to Desi Herter or Lynzie Sauls. Father Michael Kesicki is already organizing information about relief efforts and determining ways to aid our students, faculty and staff in Florida as well as to offer support as much as possible to the surrounding communities. 

As a Gannon Family, we are here to support and serve. We are in this together. No one is alone. 

Please reach out if you need assistance. Financial resources are being organized and mental health services, should you need them, are available through TimelyCare and our Employee Assistance Program. 

We are grateful to all who have diligently worked and prayed to ensure the safety of those affected by the storm. May we continue to be united by the unwavering care, faith and strength of our Gannon community as we stand with our students, faculty, staff and alumni during this time.

We will continue to send messages in the next day or two as we learn more. If you have questions, please reach out through at