Refunds, credits being distributed

Posted: March 31, 2020

We continue to share regular updates focused on actions and decisions of the day, topics regarding questions we are hearing from you, and efforts to stay connected and let you know we are here and thinking about your work and learning. This latest update is related to credits to your financial account and/or refunds for housing and meal plans, and pay for student workers.

Please understand that each person’s situation is unique, and so your particular experience might be slightly different from the next person’s.

Housing and meal plan credits/refunds: 
For the students who are receiving a credit for room and board, a non-refundable credit has been posted to your account to assist with paying your summer or fall tuition, fees and/or room and board.

For the seniors who have applied for graduation and have a refund coming for room and board, that process began Tuesday, March 31.

If you have a question or a comment, submit it at  

We have expedited this so you know the credit you have available for summer or fall classes as you prepare for Advising Day, which is today.

Student employees: 
For student workers employed by the University, this has been a tough adjustment. We have tried to keep as many working as possible, but with most of the University’s campus facilities in Erie and Ruskin closed, there are only a few positions that can be considered “essential.”

Because of the hardship this might have caused, students who were actively working when the campuses closed and were not able to continue their work will receive two weeks of pay based on the average number of hours worked during the spring semester.  These hours will be put in the timekeeping system for you and you will be paid on April 24. Understand that this does not apply to students who were employees of Metz or the bookstore, which are independent vendors.

These are difficult times, and we understand many things have changed quickly. If over the next few months there is a significant change in your family’s financial situation, please reach out to our Financial Aid office.

Thank you for your flexibility and persistence in this ever-evolving situation. We will continue to keep everyone informed as events unfold. Continue to visit for our latest decisions and for resources to assist you.  

Please know that we are here if you need anything and we are working diligently as you all are to make the best of this situation as we continue to learn something new each day. Peace and best wishes for good health and safety for you and your family.