Technology resources and reminders

Posted: April 7, 2020

As Gannon’s virtual education and working from home continues, we’d like to share the following technology resources and reminders with you:


As many are relying on Zoom for course instruction, meetings and virtual events, please be advised of the following to ensure your Zoom sessions are secure:

  1. Do not make meetings or classrooms public. Add a meeting password and utilize the waiting room feature. ITS strongly suggests enabling one of these features to keep unwanted, malicious users from interrupting Zoom meetings.
    • Setting a password is a good way to increase security, but it needs to be done when scheduling a new meeting. Only participants you have invited will know the password and be able to join the Zoom meeting. Click here for information on meeting and webinar passwords.
    • The waiting room feature makes sessions more private and letting people in assists with tracking who is present. This feature works great for open office hours to allow the host to ensure only the individual(s) they have allowed in can participate. For more information on adjusting your Waiting Room settings click here. For a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature, click here.
  1. Do not share Zoom conference links on public social media.
    • Instead, provide the link directly to the people in the meeting/class by email, Blackboard, or private communication channel.
  1. Manage screen-sharing options.
    • Click here and scroll down to the bottom section labeled "To prevent participants from screen sharing" for more information on this setting.
  1. Keep your Zoom up-to-date. 
    • Click here to find out where to download the latest version of Zoom.


Keeping the lines of communication open and accessible is key as we move forward together in our new virtual workspaces. Please see the following reminders and resources for email and voicemail communication:

  1. Out-of-Office Email Messages
  1. Office Voicemails