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We are past the mid-semester point, but not at the finish line yet

Posted: October 2, 2020

We are past the mid-semester point, but not at the finish line yet.  

We recorded additional new positive cases this week, several of which were individuals who were already in quarantine. We have moved more close contacts of these individuals into quarantine than we would like to see. 

It is apparent from our contact tracing process that exposures are occurring due to social gatherings. The cases are not from large gatherings, but rather they are from smaller gatherings when masks are not being worn, distance is not being maintained and time exposed to one another is extensive. We have not had any documented positive case resulting from classroom or lab exposures where masks are required and are being worn. The simple conclusion is that masks are working and social distancing is critical not only to avoid contracting the disease, but also to avoid two week quarantines that would otherwise not be needed. We need to keep wearing our masks, washing our hands and watching our distance. These are some of the critical proactive steps that are our best defense to remaining safe and remaining healthy. 

Please enjoy each other’s company in social settings, but remain in compliance with our guidelines. 

Our surveillance program of screening, testing and isolation is working, and with our contact tracing protocol we are thankfully detecting cases early. This has also resulted in the increase of positives from those already in quarantine. This week, additional student groups have been added to our testing plan that involves several student clubs and organizations, such as fraternity and sorority life. 

You will be contacted by our Health Center if you have been selected for testing. As part of our commitment to social responsibility and in keeping with our student conduct policies, it is our expectation that if asked, students will comply with testing. If you are asked and have a health condition that prevents you from being tested, please contact the Health Center at 814-871-7622.

Please know your safety is our highest priority and we need your help in protecting every member of the Gannon family. 

As a reminder, you are not alone and you do not have to go it alone. Gannon has counseling services available and your advisor can also offer an ear or ideas about how to navigate these turbulent waters. If you’re an international student, we have a global support team who can help as well. 

We are extremely proud of you. 

Golden Knights never quit!

Stay focused and enjoy your weekend,

Dr. Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Student Experience