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Message to students in study abroad programs in Italy

Posted: November 6, 2020

Gannon students’ safety and well-being are our top priority, and we are relying on our relationship with the American University of Rome to ensure that we are making the most informed decisions as quickly as we can. We are monitoring Italian news and governmental releases (in real-time, when not impeded by a time difference) and are in communication with the American University of Rome to learn about on-the-ground developments.

Italy has taken steps to classify COVID risks in each of its regions, and has divided its regions into three zones: yellow, orange, and red. The orange zones indicate a medium risk, and the red zones indicate a high risk. At this point, Lazio, the region in which Rome is located, has been identified as a yellow zone. The zone assignments will be reassessed every two weeks.

At this point in the semester, there are three weeks of classes and one week of exams left. At the time of the next zone assessment (Nov. 20), there will be two weeks of classes and one week of finals left. If Lazio is still identified as yellow at this point, students’ semester in Rome will continue as planned until the end of the semester.

The University has decided that should Lazio move into the orange zone during the Dec. 4 assessment, at which point only one week of finals remains, we will not bring students home, as only final exams remain. The rationale behind this decision is to not jeopardize students’ academics by requiring travel during finals week, and so with only one week of finals left, it would be in students’ best interest to finish your work and come home after.

If, however, Lazio is moved to orange during the next round of assessment on Nov. 20, we will work with the students to find the best days for them to fly home so as to create the least disruption and smoothest transition to finishing the last three weeks of the semester remotely.