Vaccine shortage alters Tuesday's clinic

Posted: February 6, 2021

Some vaccine appointments are being changed and bookings have been halted

Dear Gannon Community,

Last evening, we received news that our available vaccine allotment was reduced from 300 to 160. As we have noted in previous communications, this vaccination process is dynamic and subject to change. Our team is working diligently to reschedule individuals from the clinic on Feb. 9 to the clinic on Feb. 16.  If you are scheduled for the Feb. 9 clinic, please be on the lookout for a communication that will confirm your time, notify you of a new time on Feb. 9, or notify you of a change of date and time. Unfortunately, if you are rescheduled we will not be offering a time option. Times will be assigned.

Also, the MS Bookings site is shut down as we adjust to this new reality.

If you have the link because you were invited to register, please do not try to log on until further notice.

Once we complete rescheduling the Feb. 9 clinic, we will communicate next steps. If you have completed the survey and have notified us you are interested in a vaccine, please know that we have your information and that we are planning to schedule additional vaccinations at the next available clinic.

Here is what the path forward for now:

  1. Be patient. This is not in our control and please remember we have individuals working seven days a week doing the best they can to keep us all safe.
  2. Watch for communications via email.
  3. Give our staff a couple days to work through the list and to reschedule you.
  4. Stay off the MS Bookings site until further notice.
  5. If you are rescheduled, please be flexible and understanding – and do whatever you can to make the new appointment.
  6. If you are a clinical faculty or student scheduled with AHN or UPMC, please do not cancel your appointments and accept an appointment from them if offered a vaccination.

We will continue to work with LECOM to improve this process in the future. We hope that as vaccines become more available the likelihood of having shipments diverted or delayed will decrease. We thank LECOM for not cancelling the clinic and for securing the 160 doses from other sources so we can get started.

We will get through this together.

If you have a question or a comment, you can submit it at